1946Wilhelm König opens a mechanic workshop and a fitters shop in Wertheim-Bestenheid, Germany. At the beginning, the factory does all kind of repair work, and manufactures trueing machines for carpenters and coopers.
1953Wilhelm König starts working as a supplier in the field of hydraulic systems/ oil-hydraulics. Followed by construction and expansion of the production halls.
1974Wilhelm König, the founder of the company turns management over to his son Manfred König.
1978Number of employees duplicated on 120 employees in the last decade. Main-Tauber-Maschinenbau GmbH is founded as an independent company for the company’s own product – Königdorn®. Start of first building measures at the new site “Am Stammholz” in Bestenheid, Germany.
1981The company Wilhelm König GmbH is founded.
1984The company is awarded with the Honorary Certificate for exemplary services in professional education by the Federal President of Germany.
1995Main-Tauber-Maschinenbau GmbH takes on the name of König-mtm GmbH.
The companies Wilhelm König GmbH and König-mtm GmbH produce at the joint factory site “Am Stammholz”.
2000Appointment of Horst König to second Executive Director in 3rd generation.
2003Certification according DIN EN ISO 9001 and 14001.
2005Fusion of the companies Wilhelm König GmbH and König-mtm GmbH to Wilhelm König Maschinenbau GmbH. Spin-off of the company König-mtm GmbH, Spanntechnik as the distribution company for Königdorn® products.
2006The company Wilhelm König Maschinenbau GmbH supplies the 50.000th Königdorn®. The company König-mtm GmbH, Spanntechnik is awarded with “Registered and Approved Supplier” by MTU Aero Engines, drive mechanism producer.
2007Awarded with the “Suppliers Award” by MTU Aero Engines.