The New Quick-Change Chuck

More Productivity for your Machine Tools
For today’s machine tools the complexitiy of machining tasks, the variety of workpieces and accordingly the number of clamping tools increase permanently.

Resulting from substantial experience in clamping technology König-mtm has developed a new generation of quick-change chucks.

These chucks minimize tooling expense as well as changeover times. This yields reduced costs and higher productivity, meeting the basic requirement of more efficient machining operations.

  Better workpiece flexibility
Machine tools equipped with König-mtm’s quick-change chucks allow faster change of clamping tools versus machines with conventional chucks.

Accordingly, as lot sizes decrease the number of machine tools operating in frequent changeover environments is increasing.

One connection for all clamping tools
By harmonizing the adaption configuration, a simple effortless change of the clamping device is possible.

Easy and safe operation
The quick-change chuck is operated manually by a hexagonal key. By means of the pressure being built up within the clamping sleeve, the mandrel or chuck is centered, clamped and axially located against the flange with positive force. This results in solid full-contact clamping which assures an absolutely deflectionresistant connection between quick-change chuck and workpiece clamping tool.

Operation of clamping tools as usual
Usually, the clamping mandrels and chucks are operated directly by the hydraulic system of the machine or by a pressure transmitter which is integrated in the quick-change chuck.

On relaxing, integrated springs push the piston back to the starting position.
  Technological Advantages
  • Easy changeover of the clamping tools
    (no screws – no bolt on)
  • Good radial and axial run-out accuracy
  • Excellent wear-resistance

Economic Advantages
  • Reduced expenditure of tooling
  • Reduced retooling times
  • Reduction of tooling costs
  • High workpiece flexibility
  • Increased productivity

Made-to-measure for every machine
The type as well as the specific design of the quick-change chuck is individually tailored to the construction of the machine tool, the machining tasks and the shape of the workpieces.