Mechanical Quick-Change Clamping System

Expertise in clamping tools
For decades, König-mtm has been one of the leading producers of high-precision clamping elements for modern machine tools. The broad product range of the Königdorn® brand comprises, among other things, workpiece clamping tools such as mandrels and chucks in hydraulic or mechanical versions.

Special suitability for vertical hobbing machines
The mechanical quick-change clamping system was designed for the special use on vertical machine tools in connection with mechanical clamping devices made by König-mtm. It can be used on all common hobbing machines due to the extremely flexible design. The machines need a pressure/pull rod with two functions.

Quick and easy tool change
The mechanical quick-change clamping system of König-mtm provides an extremely fast and very easy change of the clamping device and a high degree of processing precision. This results in a reduction of set-up efforts and set-up time as well as a prevention of possible assembly errors. Therefore, the efficiency of the production line can be significantly increased. The integrated permanent clamping system enables secure clamping even in the event of a machine malfunction
Product benefits
  • Ease of handling
    (no bolting-on of clamping devices))
  • High radial and axial run-out precision
  • Minimal tooling effort/time
  • High workpiece flexibility
  • Improved productivity