Mechanical Clamping Tools

Single-taper Clamping Tools

Single-taper mandrels
Type M1

Clamping with single-taper and push rod
This mandrel is actuated by the push rod of the machine.

By means of integrated springs the Königdorn® relaxes automatically.

Clamping with single-taper and pull rod
Mechanical mandrel axially actuated by the pull rod of the machine.

  • Changeable clamping sleeves ensure high flexibility
  • Increases in torque transmission are
    achieved due to axial contact force

This solution is used for components with short clamping lengths and/or large diameters as well as for workpieces that require higher clearances for automatic loading.

The mandrel is directly mounted on the machine spindle and is actuated via the machine hydraulics. For clamping, a slotted collet will be expanded over the single taper. A secure process is guaranteed by additional holes for part present control.

Single-taper chuck
Type M4

Example for a gear grinding application: mechanical Königdorn® chuck for machining pinion shafts.

An internal center aligns the pinion shaft. The clamping function occurs by means of a tapered collet, activated by the machine hydraulics.

The additional use of a machine tailstock allows a perfect gear grinding operation.

The components are located between centers. An integrated pressure spring package allows
a perfect relaxing of the chuck.

Friction taper chuck
Type M4

Chuck for applications with small shaft components and limited space for the clamping device
Quick and simple clamping is achieved by using a friction taper that provides sufficient torque transmission.

A live tailstock center is used to set the workpiece in the internal taper with sufficient force to achieve the required torque transmission capability.  
  • high run-out accuracy
  • workpiece ejector available on request
Colour code

Blue/Light blue
Königdorn® tooling (sectioned)
Clamping areas of tooling
Workpiece (partially sectioned)
Base machine component