The Function Principle
of Multi-Taper Clamping Tools

Multi-taper clamping tools are the best choice in case of greater tolerances and more loading clearance

In the automated process the demand for high loading clearance intends to cover a maximum part range without retooling.

The function principle of multi-taper tools allows higher loading clearances than conventional hydraulic expansion tools.

The clamping sleeve is mounted on the base body. Due to a special thread profile and axial force the clamping sleeve moves axially. The result is a fully cylindrical expansion which leads to workpiece clamping. Depending on the application and the clamping diameter, tolerances up to IT 13 can be obtained.
  The cylindrical extension of a multi-taper clamping tool

Mechanical Clamping Tools

Multi-taper Clamping Tools

Multi-taper mandrel
Type G1

The design of multi-taper clamping tools enables different clamping lengths for mandrels and chucks.

The illustrated application shows different clamping collets and support rings for a high quality tooling and a flexible and economical production.

Multi-taper chuck
Type G4

Special solution with tailstock center and floating clamping bell.
Colour code

Blue/Light blue
Königdorn® tooling (sectioned)
Clamping areas of tooling
Workpiece (partially sectioned)
Base machine component