Precise Mechanical Clamping Devices
for All Requirements

Experience in clamping technology
For decades, König-mtm has been one of the leading manufacturers of state-of-the art highprecision clamping devices. The extensive production program covers clamping tools such as mandrels and chucks in hydraulic, mechanical or hydro-mechanical versions.

Clamping tools for market leaders
König-mtm’s clamping chucks and the Königdorn® are well known in the tool industry and are well established as original equipment on top-class high-precision CNC controlled machine tools.

Mechanical clamping tools made by König-mtm
For today’s machine tools the complexitiy of machining tasks, the variety of workpieces and accordingly the number of clamping tools are increasing permanently.

Resulting from substantial experience in clamping technology König-mtm is developing tailor-made mechanical clamping tools, that cover a wide range of workpiece geometries my means of high loading clearances.

This high workpiece flexibility leads to reduced tooling expenses and higher productivity, meeting the basic requirement of more efficient machining operations.

We would be pleased to design and produce your tailor-made clamping tool, according to your specific requirements.

The following pages introduce some examples of clamping tools of our production. For a better representation of function we show graphical drawings.
  • high loading clearances

  • reduced tooling set-up expense, high productivity (high workpiece flexibility)

  • short clamping lenghts

  • high workpiece tolerances possible

  • run-out accuracies up to 0,003 mm attainable

  • high lateral rigidity

  • high torque transmission

  • quick change-over to other clamping diameters possible

  • Schnell umrüstbar auf andere Spanndurchmesser