Mechanical clamping mandrels

with fully segmented collet elements

New design for larger clamping diameters
To meet and exceed your requirements for higher work-piece tolerances and increased loading clearances, König-mtm has developed new mechanical mandrels with fully segmented collet elements.

These mechanically expanding clamping tools are ideally suited for medium and large clamping diameters and offer, depending on their size, expansion rates of 0.5 up to 1.3 mm. The actuation can be initiated by hydraulic pressure, pull rod or an internal spring package.

Unique collet element design
The new clamping system consists of a basic tapered mandrel, a collet (various diameters are available) and, for example, a pull rod. The collet is comprised of several elements that are held together mechanically with an elastic, positive locking spline (without any vulcanization).

Proven results show that these new clamping tools achieve excellent run-out accuracies both in tooth flank grinding and hobbing processes.

Each of these element clamping devices are tailor-made and precisely machined to your exact spezifications and demands and can easily be adapted to almost every available high-precision machine tool. You benefit from the high precision, increased workpiece flexibility, and reduced lead time for a new device.
  Product features
  • Increased hardness/wear resistance (64 HRC)
  • High run-out accuracy (0.005-0.010 mm)
  • Improved permanent elasticity and precision
  • High clamping force (high torque transmission)
  • Greater expansion (increased clearances for automatic loading systems)
  • Workpiece flexibility

The function principle of a fully segmented mechanical clamping mandrel

Königdorn® clamping tool Typ E with a clamping diameter of 360 mm. During gear grinding processing the workpiece, a gear with an outer diameter 1,000 mm and a weight of 1.2 t, reaches a run-out accurancy of ≤0,01 mm.