Customized Clamping Devices for all Requirements

Clamping sleeve with a solid clamping surface
A Königdorn® clamping device, like a mandrel or chuck operates hydraulically without any mechanical wear. Its main characteristic is the elastic clamping sleeve with a solid clamping surface.

The clamping sleeve is pressurized by a hydraulic medium and a clamping piston which is actuated manually or by the machine. The pressure is exerted without mechanical transduction directly on the clamping sleeve. The solid bushing is expanded up to 0.3 % of the clamping area. Due to this expansion tolerance limit, workpieces can be clamped only on a surface that is already machined.

For applications requiring a wider clamping area König-mtm offers a comprehensive program of mechanical clamping devices (please ask for our special catalog).

Predestinated for almost all machining tasks
The clamping sleeve, hydraulically actuated, works on the entire clamping surface. Therefore, high load torque settings can be transfered, making Königdorn® devices suitable for almost all machining tasks.

Also for mounting operations, requiring high precision, Königdorn® devices are used successfully.

Gentle clamping and
optional clamping force limitation

The closed clamping surface results in a very gentle clamping of workpiece or tool. To protect specific sensitive workpieces against damaging by over-
pressure, a control piston which allows the precise selection of the correct clamping force can by integrated on request. Electronic clamping pressure control, also, is available as an option.
  Suitable for measuring and testing applications
Because of the precise manufacturing process, run-out accuracies up to 2 microns are achievable. This high accuracy allows the use of Königdorn® devices on measuring and testing systems.

Long life time, high productivity and
high efficiency

Made of high-grade materials, Königdorn® devices are very wear resistant and have a long operating life. Because of their closed system they are resistive to dirt.

High productivity and quick tooling set-up is the result
of the short response times of the hydraulic system – regardless of whether it is actuated manually or automatically.

Individual clamping tools according to
customer's specific requirements

König-mtm designs and produces hydraulic clamping devices which are customized to special demands. Almost always they are unique tailor-made tools for customer's specific machining tasks.

We would be pleased to design your special clamping tool, according to your individual requirements.

Hydraulic Clamping Devices
for High Precision and High Productivity

Experience in clamping technology
For decades, König-mtm has been one of the leading manufacturers of state-of-the art highprecision clamping devices. The extensive production program covers clamping tools such as mandrels and chucks in hydraulic, mechanical or hydro-mechanical versions.

In the mid sixties, König-mtm developed and patented their trademark Königdorn® a future orientated hydraulic clamping tool in order to solve problems within their own high precision manufacturing environment. Since it's inception, the Königdorn® has become increasingly popular and valuable in international machining industries.

König-mtm's hydraulic clamping devices
Machining tolerances that were inconceivable years ago have become reality today. Modern CNC-contolled machine tools as well as highprecision bearings and guide ways have offered tolerances measured in microns which are a standard now in the state-of-the-art mechanical engineering.

Conventional machining technologies do not meet the present expectations. Gears ground and measured on high-precision machines are common today. Quiet operation, energy savings and long operating life are the results of these advancements.

Hydraulic clamping devices from König-mtm solve even the most pretentious machining tasks. The high-precision Königdorn® mandrels and chucks have excellent radial and axial run-out accuracy and transfer high clamping forces. They are easy to operate, wear-resistant and resistive to dirt.

A Königdorn® can be fitted with various options. The picture shows a clamping chuck with manual clamping actuation, equiped with an Erowa quick-change plate.
  Clamping tools for market leaders
König-mtm’s Königdorn® clamping chucks and mandrels are well known in the tool industry and are well established as original equipment on top-class high-precision CNC controlled machine tools.

The international customers for these highprecision clamping devices come from the transmission,
automobile, machine tool, aircraft and other industries.

Product features
  • High precision
  • High axial run-out accuracy
  • Radial run-out accuracy up to 0,002 mm achievable
  • High torque transmission
  • Consistant cylindrical extension of the bushing within the whole clamping range
  • Reduced tooling set-up expense (high productivity
    and workpiece flexibility)
  • Long operating life
  • High dirt resistivity
  • Easy to operate
  • Low investment costs