Hydraulic Clamping Tools


Workpiece clamping during hobbing
Based on its high precision and extremely small
grinding stock allowance the Königdorn® tooling as
clamping mandrel or chuck is an ideal tool for hobbing.

The left drawing illustrates a clamping mandrel where the entire torque is created via radial expansion.

Clamping is initiated via the clamping cylinder of the machine spindle. The tailstock, which is also clamped via the clamping mandrel, only serves the purpose of stabilizing and centering the Königdorn® device. Axial clamping is not necessary in this case.

With the help of an oil spiral groove or a coating on the clamping surface you can obtain high torque also with smaller clamping diameters.

The illustration downright shows a clamping mandrel with centering functions as an additional version for hobbing. Here, torque is obtained axially via a clamping bell through the draw bar. Clamping pressure is actuated via a hydraulic cylinder in the tailstock.

lt is possible to obtain exact expansion with the help of a proportioning and resetting screw. The floating attachment of the backing ring will compensate for axial run-out on the workpiece.
Colour code

Blue/Light blue
Königdorn® tooling (sectioned)
Clamping areas of tooling
Workpiece (partially sectioned)
Base machine component