Hydraulic Clamping Tools

Gear Shaving

Workpiece adapters for gear shaving
Increased quality standards for shaved gears require more and more frequently the use of hydraulic clamping mandrels. Depending on the machine type, these mandrels are mounted firmly on the workpiece spindle or located between centers. With this mandrel, which is located between centers, workpiece exchange takes place outside the machine.

Both clamping halves are separated, and the workpiece can then be exchanged. Centering of the workpiece is performed via the tailstock center by simultaneous axial pressure against the contact face. Run-out accuracy: 0.005 mm.

Machines with automatic loading have both halves of the clamping mandrel mounted on the workpiece spindle. During positioning, the workpiece is set without backlash and clamped axially at the same time. Run-out accuracy: 0.003 mm.
Colour code

Blue/Light blue
Königdorn® tooling (sectioned)
Clamping areas of tooling
Workpiece (partially sectioned)
Base machine component