Hydraulic Clamping Tools

Gear Shaping

Tool clamping for gear shaping
The opposite drawing shows a Königdorn® mandrel which is used during gear shaping applications with radial and axial hydraulics. The shaper cutter is centered with high precision via the clamping bushing. Run-out accuracy: 0.003 mm.

The shaper cutter is clamped with great force through the separate axial hydraulic system. A special taper is used to precisely locate the shaper cutter in the machine spindle. These large shaper cutter fixtures are generally used for external gears.

Workpiece clamping for gear shaping
This example shows a Königdorn® chuck mounted on the machine table of a Liebherr gear shaping machine.

Clamping is actuated through the hydraulic function of the clamping cylinder. By using intermediate bushings, a diameter range of approximately 15-35 mm can be covered. The workpieces are clamped with greatest run-out accuracy (0.005 mm). Automatic loading is possible.
Colour code

Blue/Light blue
Königdorn® tooling (sectioned)
Clamping areas of tooling
Workpiece (partially sectioned)
Base machine component